My I.C.E. Plan

My I.C.E. Plan 10309

Home Inventory & Emergency Planning Software for Family and Pets Inculdes Wallet Cards and Vehicle Cards

Home Inventory & Emergency Planning Software for Family and Pets Inculdes Wallet Cards and Vehicle Cards

My ICE Plan does not use or need the Windows registry to operate. Just copy the software to any folder of your choice and use it immediately. The idea is to be able to use this software "in case of an emergency " anywhere and anytime without the hassle of re-installing it on another computer. The software only needs to be activated once and you can use it on as many computers as you see fit for your own inventory and emergency planning. Create a Plan A and a Plan B using the Family and Pet Emergency Planning section with unlimited images and movies. Print wallet cards containing medical and meeting places. Create & maintain multiple Emergency Kits!

Maintain an inventory for multiple properties , with unlimited unique rooms & unlimited mo

This is the best and most comprehensive home inventory software on the market to date. The family and pet (livestock) emergency / disaster planning guide is detailed. List and assign beneficiaries to home items, stocks, bonds and more. Create a Letter of Instructions upon death. Attach files of any formt. Unlimited attachments and images and videos.

Unlimited Number of total records

Unlimited Attach images & files

Unlimited Unique Rooms

Search web for item details, images and user manuals with one click

Many fields for item details

One Click Reports

Calculate the value of everything you own

Categorize your assets for easy searching

Add an unlimited number of images, videos

Create an unlimited number of rooms and items

Track borrowing and lending

Manage insurance policies and claims

Scan bar codes to manage your inventory

Help file with hundred of help topics easily searched

Free lifetime product support

Estate Planning Assign beneficiaries to items

Assign other owners to items

Create ToDo’s and Notes

Create quick Lost Reports for Insurance claims

Create A Plan A and B for disaster plans

Create Letter of Instructions for each family member (what to do upon death)

Too many features to list!!!

My I.C.E. Plan


My I.C.E. Plan 10309

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